Tuesday, June 22

Pete Davidson As A Sexy, Swinging Grinch On “SNL” Is Truly The Stuff Of Nightmares – BuzzFeed

“That’s not the only thing that grew three sizes.”

This hasn’t been a good year for the Grinch, has it? First we had Matthew Morrison’s take


The eyes, they follow me around the room.

Why? Because this Grinch is a swinger with a Whoville couple, played by Kristen Wiig and Mikey Day.

And hey, I’m all into swinging! Swing away, kids! But oh, sweet, sexy Grinch puns:

I don’t even have any particularly fond childhood memories of the Grinch and I’m crying:

Could this be the thing that finally ends my slightly cursed attraction to Pete Davidson?!

Besides, apparently this isn’t even the first entry in the Grinch + swingers canon! There’s a theory that the Grinch’s parents in the Jim Carey movie had a key party.

You can watch the full sketch here.

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