Tuesday, June 22

Has George Clooney Really Been Cutting His Hair With a Vacuum Cleaner for a Quarter Century? – Vulture

Photo: Erik Voake/Getty Images for Hulu

On Sunday, George Clooney opened up to CBS Sunday Morning about his career, his personal life, and his (alleged) preferred method of cutting his hair himself: with the ‘80s vacuum haircut attachment Flowbee, perhaps best known via Wayne’s World’s parody of the iconic informercial product.

“I’ve been cutting my own hair for 25 years,” the actor claimed. “My hair’s really like straw, so it’s easy to cut. You can’t really make too many mistakes. So, years ago, I bought a thing called a Flowbee.” Says Clooney, “It comes with a vacuum cleaner and the clippers. Yeah, I still have it. My haircuts take literally two minutes.” Laughed the actor, “Listen, man, it works.”

Now, we’ve never actually seen George Clooney get his hair cut in person (no many how many times we’ve politely asked), but between his consistently excellent hair and his lifelong love of pranks, we’re thinking Clooney is just pulling our legs with a vacuum haircutting system. Still, we’re going to need Clooney’s good friend and former roommate Richard Kind to weight in to know for certain. Until then: thank you, George Clooney, for breaking up the dreary end of a terrible year by reminding us that once, for one bright shining moment, people were actually cutting their hair with a Flowbee.

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