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Spider-Man Has His Own Headquarters With New LEGO Set – Bleeding Cool News

LEGO is giving Spider-Man his own lair with its newest buildable set. The 466 piece set is called Attack on The Spider Lair and gives our favorite wall-crawler his own base of operations. The lair is packed with amazing detail and fun accessories that enhance Spider-Man and his crime-fighting life. The lair has its own Spider-computer, basketball court, Spider-cycle with repair tools, and a skateboarding ramp for some web-swinging tricks. Spider-Man’s Spider Lair will also include 3 additional costumes that can be put on display with the Stealth Suit, Iron Spider, and what seems to be a modified Scarlet Spider costume. Things are not safe in the lair, though as Venom and Green Goblin have attacked Spider-Man on his own turf. Both LEGO villains will come with their own accessories like the Green Goblin glider and Venom’s tendrils. with a massive commander center, 3 LEGO mini-figures, and a great set of Spider-Man accessories, this is one set that Marvel fans will not want to miss.

Spider-Man fans will not want to miss out on this very fun and unique buildable set from LEGO. Pre-orders are not live just yet, but we can imagine it will go up around January 1, 2021, like some of the other recently announced Marvel LEGO sets. Collectors will be able to find this set located here when it finally goes live. Make sure you check out some of the other recently revealed Spider-Man LEGO sets like the Spider-Gwen and Ghost Rider team up or the Miles Morales Mech Suit.

“Spider-Man is relaxing in his super-cool headquarters, playing video games, practicing his skateboard tricks and shooting a few basketballs. But when Venom and Green Goblin force their way in, it’s time for battle! Will the amazing web-slinger catch the bad guys and lock them in his personal jail? With cool weapons, the Iron Spider Suit and your superhero skills, he might just do it!”

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